What can you not plant with Brussels sprouts?

What can you not plant with Brussels sprouts?

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QUESTION: What can you not plant with Brussels sprouts? How do I layout my garden? -Michelle R.

ANSWER: Most plants will grow next to Brussels sprouts without incident, or even with some benefits. But as is usually the case in gardening, there are some plants that just don’t get along with one another, and Brussels sprouts are no exception. Take a quick look at the list below so you won’t make the mistake of planting one of these crops next to your sprouts this season.

  • Any member of the Brassica family should be used with caution, even though we’ve listed some that share the same care guidelines as Brussels sprouts as potential companion plants. The potential issue with Brassicas planted near one another is that it makes your garden a one-stop-shop for the insects and diseases that tend to trouble members of the Brassica category. If you do choose to take advantage of the family similarity and plant two types of Brassica in close vicinity, just stay on the lookout for common Brassica problems so your plants don’t fall victim to them.
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