Sticky Trap Pest Control: How And When To Use Sticky Traps

Sticky Trap Pest Control: How And When To Use Sticky Traps

Mary Ellen Ellis

Pests in the garden can be a real problem. They eat and
infest your plants and bother you and your guests as you try to enjoy the
outdoors. There are many solutions to dealing with unwanted insects, and each
has benefits and drawbacks. Sticky traps for bugs may work for your needs.

What are Sticky Traps?

Sticky trap pest control means using a glue-based trap to
catch and immobilize pests. These types of traps are typically cardboard with a
layer of sticky glue. The card may also be folded into a tent shape or laid
flat. The tent cover protects the sticky surface from dust and other materials.
Some sticky traps also include some type of scent to entice certain pests.

A sticky trap may also be a hanging trap. The type that sits
on surfaces really only works for crawling bugs, like spiders or cockroaches.
Flying insects can’t be trapped that way. A hanging strip of sticky paper can
be used to catch and trap flies, for instance.

When to Use Sticky Traps

You can use sticky traps whenever you are trying to control
a pest population, although you may not find it completely effective. Another
good time to use these traps is when you need to monitor insect populations;
for instance, to determine if another pest control strategy is working or to
figure out where your biggest pest problems are.

In terms of managing outdoor garden pests, hanging traps or
flat traps may help you reduce or monitor populations of aphids,
and thrips.
The most effective way to truly manage pests, though, is to use multiple
strategies. Sticky traps alone will not likely be adequate.

Outdoor Sticky Trap Use

Sticky traps for outdoor use are not really any different
from those you may use inside. They may come in sturdier varieties, but the
principle is the same. You may find you need to replace outdoor traps more
often, as debris like dirt will adhere to them.

Sticky traps can be one tool in your war against pests, but
don’t count on them to be the only solution you need.

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