How do you dry onions in the sun?

How do you dry onions in the sun?

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QUESTION: How do you dry onions in the sun? Is this a faster way to cure them? -Phillip S

ANSWER: Larger onion varieties and onions that have too much moisture can mold and rot in long term storage, so curing your onions is essential for long term storage. To cure onions, you first dry them out in the sun for a few days, then move them indoors to dry for an additional two to three weeks.

To dry your onions out in the sun, simply spread them out on a flat surface in an area that receives full sun exposure. Allow the onions to dry for a few days until the onion roots and the plant itself becomes dry and brown or the outer skin becomes slightly crisp. If there is rain coming during the drying period, just cover them or move them indoors until sunny weather returns.

Once your onions are dry, brown, and crisp, cut the tops off the onion to about an inch from the bulb and snip off the dried roots. Continue to cure the onion bulbs by placing them loosely out of direct sunlight on a table or counter in a warm, well-ventilated area for an additional 2-3 weeks. Now your onion bulbs are ready for long-term storage. Keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place for optimal longevity. If properly cured, your onions should keep through the winter. Learn more about braiding onions.

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