How can I make my tomatoes flower better?

How can I make my tomatoes flower better?

QUESTION: I want to get the biggest tomato harvest possible from my three tomato plants this season. How can I make my tomatoes flower better? – Monica C

ANSWER: There are several things you can do to help your tomatoes flower better. First, choose tomatoes that are well suited for your growing zone. Also, indeterminate varieties tend to produce more flowers and fruits than determinate varieties, so choose indeterminate types for your garden. Wait to plant tomato seedlings outdoors until the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 50 degrees at night. Make sure plants have support from cages or stakes to prevent them growing into one another so they get plenty of air circulation.

Use a fertilizer with plenty of phosphorus, which encourages flowering, and don’t go overboard on the nitrogen, which instead encourages production of foliage. Finally, if it is hot enough in your area for daytime temperatures to be above 90 degrees and nighttime temperatures to be above 80 degrees, water your tomatoes on a regular basis to help them get through the hot spell without being set back.


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