growing hellebores, with the late judith knott tyler

growing hellebores, with the late judith knott tyler

picotee double hellebore pine knotPine Knot Farms.

When Dick and Judith reached out back then (I think it was to ask about advertising on my website, actually), my first question was: “Didn’t you write the book on hellebores?” And yes, Judith was co-author of “Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide” (affiliate link).

Asking questions you often ask me, and adding some of my own, here’s how the conversation with Judith went–with insights like how hellebores take a couple of years to settle in and start blooming (so don’t panic!):

dark double hellebores pine knotBowl of x hybridus hellebore flowers at Pine Knothelebore cleanup 1Helleborus ×ballardiae 'Raulston Remembered'helleborus foetidusRhubarb and Cream hellebore, Pine KnotJosef lempur helleboresnowdrops and hellebores 2 list of available hellebores at Pine Knot Farms


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