Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows

Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows

Amaryllis are a gift anyone would love to receive. Watching these flower bulbs come into bloom is the perfect midwinter distraction. From the first sign of a little green sprout to the very last enormous flower, an amaryllis bulb provides a full two months of horticultural entertainment. And when the show is over, the bulb can be tossed in a compost pile. They are the ultimate “green” gift.

Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows- Longfield Gardens

Amaryllis Sweet Nymph

Supermarket bouquets just can’t compare with the beauty of home-grown flowers. When they’re in bloom, these jumbo blossoms attract every eye. A good size amaryllis bulb will send up multiple stems, each with 3 to 5 flowers. It’s a living bouquet that changes each day and will last for weeks rather than days.

Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows- Longfield Gardens

Who Enjoys Growing Amaryllis?

It’s hard not to be captivated by an amaryllis coming into bloom. Kids are astonished to see leaves, stems and flowers emerge from a seemingly lifeless bulb. Elders marvel at the extravagance and exquisite beauty of each new blossom. Avid gardeners are grateful to have a plant they can nurture while their outdoor garden is sleeping. And non-gardeners sometimes find that growing an amaryllis opens the door to a new fascination with plants.

Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows- Longfield Gardens

Grow Several Different Varieties to Extend the Show.

At just $15 for a jumbo-sized bulb, amaryllis are easy and inexpensive gifts. They’re perfect for teachers, mail carriers, neighbors, friends and family. We offer discounts on multiple bulbs, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Easy to Give and Easy to Grow

Having a few amaryllis on hand makes it easy to put together a thoughtful gift on short notice. You can keep it simple by wrapping a bulb in tissue paper and nestling it into a gift bag. Or, make it super easy for your gift recipient by giving them a pre-planted bulb in a decorative pot. Our gift kits are another option. We can ship them directly to you or to almost anywhere in the country.

Amaryllis Bulbs: Give a Gift That Grows- Longfield Gardens

Amaryllis Terracotta Star.

It’s easy to have a green thumb when you grown an amaryllis bulb. They want nothing more than to burst into bloom and show the world their beauty. What a happy sentiment for holiday season!

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