19 of the Best Summer Flowering Clematis for Your Garden

19 of the Best Summer Flowering Clematis for Your Garden

Clematis are showy, versatile vines that are well-known and beloved for their beautiful flowers.

They’re outstanding for adding vertical accents with bright, bold colors climbing to the sky. But they’re also highly adept in containers, as ground covers or specimens, and to add secondary color weaving through deciduous trees and shrubs.

There’s a large and wonderful selection of flower colors, shapes, and sizes with new cultivars added each year.

And you can enjoy them almost year-round if you choose a selection from each of the three different flowering times – those that bloom in late winter/early spring, mid to late spring, and summer into fall.

The summer bloomers are the ones that typically flower from June through September, or even into October.

And while they aren’t quite as popular as the big-blossomed mid-spring types, there are plenty of enticing varieties available to produce masses of colorful flowers throughout the hot months.

These summer varieties mostly belong to pruning Group 3 (aka Group C), which are the easiest to prune. (You can find Group 3 pruning info in our growing guide.)

They’re also divided into two growth habit groups – vining and non-vining, or herbaceous types.

Vining types provide outstanding vertical growth and require support in the form of arbors, arches, fences, pergolas, pillars, and trellises.

They can also be grown through shrubs like rhododendrons, climbing roses, deciduous trees, and other woody types of clematis such as the early blooming .

The herbaceous, non-vining ones don’t climb because they lack twining petioles. Instead, they have a compact, bushy form with upright, lateral growth.

This growth habit makes them superb in containers as a specimen, or as a ground cover, in perennial beds, and to spread over low areas like banks, rocky ground, or stumps.

Many are free flowering, which means they bloom profusely over a long period, from midsummer to fall.

Now, here’s our lineup of 19 of the best summer flowering clematis for your garden.

Here are a selection of my favorite herbaceous clematis varieties:

1. Arabella

One of the most popular non-vining varieties, ‘Arabella’ bears six-sepaled star-shaped flowers of deep amethyst that start out with a reddish tint.

The three to four-inch flowers have cream white stamens and bloom over an exceptionally long season, from early summer to early fall, with blooms followed by ornate, plumed seedheads.

A cluster of star shaped, purple flowers of a non-vining, herbaceous clematis variety called 'Arabella,' pictured in the summer garden in light sunshine, with foliage in the background.2. Mrs. Robert Brydon

Masses of small, half-inch flowers with lavender sepals and prominent platinum stamens form the sparkling clusters that ‘Mrs. Robert Brydon’ is known for.

Blooming from mid- to late summer amid dark green foliage, the flowers are followed by silky seed heads.

A close up of the delicate, light purple flowers with recurved petals of the 'Mrs Robert Bryndon' clematis variety, with foliage in soft focus in the background.‘Mrs. Robert Brydon’

The vigorous upright growth can be tied to a trellis for vertical interest. Or you can give it free rein to sprawl and tumble through shrubbery or spread as a lofty, eye-catching groundcover.

Hardy in Zones 4-9, it grows six to eight feet in full to partial sun and can be pruned back to three inches in early spring.

Live plants in two-inch pots are available at Home Depot.

3. Sapphire Indigo

Masses of four to five-inch, sapphire blue flowers form a striking and nearly continuous blooming habit from June to September.

After flowering, the vines are covered with decorative, silky seed heads.

Fast growing, it can be tied up on supports or left to spread as a showy, dense groundcover – and it makes a sumptuous spiller in containers and hanging baskets.

A close up of the abundant blue flowers of 'Indigo Bloom,' growing in the garden with shrubs in the background.‘Sapphire Indigo’

Hardy in Zones 4-10, it prefers full to partial sun and grows only four to six feet. It flowers entirely on new wood and should be pruned back to six inches in late winter or early spring.

Three-packs of plants are available at Home Depot.

4. Solitary

Non-vining and multi-stemmed with a mounding habit, ‘Solitary’ features dainty, cornflower blue to violet blooms with creamy stamens.

The nodding, two to three-inch urn-shaped flowers have twisted sepals and an exceptionally long bloom time of mid-May to September.

Flowers are followed by silky, tufted seed heads throughout autumn.

A close up of an abundance of blue flowers, with delicate petals and creamy white stamen. This herbaceous, non-vining clematis variety is 'Solitary.' In the background is a large hedge in soft focus.Vining

For a glorious display of summer blooms on a trellis or over an arbor, the vining types are an ideal choice.

5. Aotearoa

An abundance of purple, three- to five-inch star-shaped flowers with contrasting yellow stamens bloom from mid-summer to early fall. Elegant sepals are slightly recurved at the tips, giving them a graceful, whimsical appearance. Light green leaves are tinged with red around the edges.

A close up of the deep purple flowers with contrasting yellow center of the 'Aotearoa' clematis cultivar, pictured in light sunshine with foliage in soft focus in the background.6. Avant Garde

A large flowering hybrid, ‘Avant Garde’ has stunning, two-inch double flowers of deep, velvety magenta with a center consisting of dahlia-like sepals in flamingo pink.

Bred from disease resistant species, this vigorous plant produces an abundance of flowers.

A robust but well-behaved climber, the two-tone flowers pop among the deep green leaves.

It loves to climb with its head in the sun, and really shines when scrambling over supports such as arbors, fences, and pergolas.

A close up of the dark red, double petalled flowers of 'Avant Garde,' a clematis variety that blooms in the summertime. In the background is foliage in soft focus.‘Avant Garde’

Hardy in Zones 4-9, it needs a full sun location. Cut it back hard in early spring to six to 12 inches, above pairs of healthy buds.

Container plants are available at Nature Hills Nursery.

7. Ernest Markham

With large, velvety flowers of raspberry red and contrasting creamy filaments tipped with chocolate anthers, ‘Ernest Markham’ makes a striking vertical display. The four to six-inch blooms are free flowering from midsummer to fall.

It makes a handsome specimen in containers, flowerbeds in cottage and courtyard gardens, or climbing up trellises and through shrubs.

A close up of a delicate red flower, on a vining clematis plant 'Ernest Markham,' growing in a container with gravel in the background.‘Ernest Markham’

It grows 10 to 12 feet and requires a full to part-sun location. Hardy in Zones 4-8, it can be pruned in late winter or early spring. Cut just above a set of strong leaf buds, eight to 18 inches above the ground.

Plants in one-gallon pots are available at Burpee.

8. Golden Tiara

This vigorous climber in sunshine yellow has a pleasant fragrance and puts on a long lasting, showy display from early June through September.

The two to four-inch nodding, lantern-like flowers provide spectacular contrast from the magenta anthers and are followed by large, fluffy seed heads that birds like to use for nesting materials.

With a strong twining habit, it loves to climb up arbors and trellises or through shrubs, making a striking summer screen.

A close up of the delicate star-shaped flowers of clematis 'Golden Tiara.' Yellow petals contrast with dark centers, on a background of foliage, pictured in bright sunshine.‘Golden Tiara’

Growing 10 to 15 feet, it likes a full sun location and is hardy in Zones 3-9. Cut vines back hard in early spring to 10 to 18 inches, just above a strong set of buds.

Find live plants available at Home Depot.

9. Hagley Hybrid

A compact vine, ‘Hagley Hybrid’ features a profuse display of showy, eight-sepaled flowers in chiffon pink from May through September.

The large, six to eight-inch flowers have an opalescent shine that is beautifully highlighted by the dark ruby anthers.

A close up of a pink flower with ruffled edges of the 'Hagley Hybrid' vining clematis. Pictured in bright sunshine, the vine is climbing up a brick wall.10. Happy Purple Jack

Large and velvety plum-colored flowers have a pretty yellow throat and anthers that give charming contrast. The three to five-inch blooms are long lasting and appear from late June through September.

Highly ornamental with a tidy habit, it’s attractive as a back border planting, in containers, or clambering up supports like arbors and trellises.

A close up of purple flowers with light colored centers, pictured in light sunshine with foliage in the background.‘Happy Purple Jack’

Hardy in Zones 5-9, it likes a full to partial sun location and grows six to eight feet. Prune vines back in early spring to one to to feet above the ground, leaving two sets of strong buds in place.

Plants in quart-sized containers are available at Home Depot.

11. Jackmanii

An old-fashioned favorite with large velvety flowers of royal purple with magenta ribs and creamy anthers.

Masses of  five to seven-inch blooms appear from mid-June to September, and silky platinum or rosy colored seedheads add interest right through autumn.

This prolific vine provides spectacular vertical highlights in the garden. A good climber for arbors, fences, and trellises, it’s also striking as a ground cover or twining through shrubs.

A close up of deep purple clematis 'Jackmanii' blooms growing in the garden, with green foliage in soft focus in the background.‘Jackmanii’

This cultivar grows 10 to 12 feet, requires full sun, and is hardy in Zones 4-9. Prune hard in late winter or early spring to a pair of strong buds about 12 inches from the ground.

You can pick up container plants at Nature Hills Nursery.

12. Pink Fantasy

This compact vine is highly free flowering from July to September.

It features an abundance of four to six-inch blush pink blooms with raspberry bars and matching anthers that really pop against the rich, dark green foliage.

Ideal for small spaces, it makes an attractive specimen in containers, tumbling around rockeries, or weaving through shrubs.

A close up of 'Pink Fantasy,' a delicate white flower striped with shades of red, pictured on a dark background.‘Pink Fantasy’

Hardy in Zones 4-9, it enjoys a partial shade location. It can handle full sun, however the flowers may fade in intense light. Prune hard in late winter or early spring to a set of healthy leaves about 12 inches above the ground.

Container plants are available at Burpee.

13. Pink Mink

‘Pink Mink’ produces large drifts of ruffled, candy pink flowers with bold fuchsia bars and yellow anthers that bloom from early June to early October.

A continuous bloomer, it makes an eye-catching specimen where it can climb freely on structures such as fences, pergolas, and trellises.

A large climbing clematis, 'Pink Mink,' with an abundance of pink flowers growing over an arbor in the summer garden.‘Pink Mink’

Hardy in Zones 4-9, it grows nine to 10 feet and prefers a full to partial sun location. Prune hard to about 18 inches in early spring, leaving a set of healthy buds on each vine.

You can find container plants available at Burpee.

14. Princess Diana

A small-flowering vine, ‘Princess Diana’ has distinctive tulip-shaped flowers of raspberry red with hot pink margins and delicate yellow anthers that bloom from June to September.

After flowering, the vines are adorned with flouncy platinum seed heads.

A profuse bloomer, this compact vine requires support for climbing and adds charm as a specimen in containers, as well as cottage and courtyard gardens.

It may also be grown as a groundcover.

A close up of the delicate red flowers with yellow stamen, of the clematis 'Princess Diana' cultivar, growing in the garden, with foliage in soft focus in the background.‘Princess Diana’

It requires a full to partial sun location and grows six to eight feet. Hardy in Zones 4-8, it can be cut back to a pair of healthy buds around eight inches above the ground in early spring.

Pick up container plants at Nature Hills Nursery.

15. Ramona

Delightfully cool with sea green leaves, ‘Ramona’ has large, six-petaled lavender-blue flowers with a striking accent of deep, winey purple anthers.

The single flowers measure five to seven inches and bloom prolifically from May to September.

A close up of a light blue flower with white and dark purple stamen, pictured in light sunshine with foliage in soft focus in the background.16. Rouge Cardinal

A showy vine that produces a profusion of four to six-inch blooms from June to September, ‘Rouge Cardinal’ features flowers of velvety cardinal red with gold filaments and mahogany anthers.

A close up of the delicate pink flowers with white stamen of 'Rouge Cardinal,' a summer-flowering clematis variety, with foliage in soft focus in the background.17. Sweet Autumn

‘Sweet Autumn’ is a very vigorous grower with masses of small white cruciform flowers that seem to float on the glossy, dark green leaves.

The flowers are highly fragrant and bloom in August and September followed by attractive, plumed seed heads.

It does well in full sun and is also tolerant of light shade.

This fast-growing vine needs plenty of strong support to accommodate its growth and does well on large structures like fences, pergolas, and sheds.

It also makes a large, matted ground cover that effectively chokes out weeds.

A close up of tiny white flowers surrounded by green foliage of the 'Sweet Autumn' clematis variety.‘Sweet Autumn’

Hardy in Zones 5-9, it grows 15 to 30 feet. Cut back to a set of strong buds 12 to 18 inches above the ground in early spring.

Plants in gallon-sized containers are available at Burpee.

18. Sweet Summer Love

Truly a plant that delivers it all, ‘Sweet Summer Love’ has gorgeous cruciform flowers that range in color from cranberry and magenta to royal purple with long, cream colored stamens.

Long blooming, the flowers appear from early July to mid-September and have a lovely, sweet scent of almonds.

It does well in full to partial sun, and needs support from arbors, trellises, or other shrubs.

But be sure to grow it where you can enjoy the juicy colors and pretty fragrance – on pillars, posts, or trellises close to windows, and along patios, decks, and pathways.

A close up of dark red flowers with light colored stamen, surrounded by foliage in the summer garden.‘Sweet Summer Love’

A fast-growing climber, it reaches 10 to 15 feet and can be pruned hard in late winter or early spring – leave at least two sets of buds on each stem. This cultivar is hardy in Zones 4-9.

Container plants are available at Nature Hills Nursery.

19. Ville de Lyon

A large-flowering vine, ‘Ville de Lyon’ features a profusion of showy, four to six-inch cherry red flowers with cream and golden stamens.

The sepals have darker, carmine margins and a lovely opalescent sheen that seems to light them from within.

A close up of bright pink 'Ville de Lyon' clematis flowers, with carmine margins and gold colored stamens. Pictured in the garden, surrounded by foliage.A vertical close up picture of a bright purple clematis flower, growing in the garden in the sunshine, with a hummingbird hovering above. In the background is foliage in soft focus.Photo by Lorna Kring.

Fast growing and hardy, you’ll love how versatile these are throughout the garden. Try them as ground covers, specimen plants, vertical accents, or to add secondary color and added interest to shrubs and deciduous trees – they adapt to almost any setting!

For more information on decorative flowering garden vines, be sure to add these to your reading list next:

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