15 Best Garden Sprayers (Manual Pump and Electric)

15 Best Garden Sprayers (Manual Pump and Electric)

By Chris Honett

Looking for a high quality garden sprayer for your home? Garden sprayers are the kind of tool we rarely think about but hat we need to have work reliably when we’re ready to get to work. For this roundup, we’ve mostly picked manual models in the one to two-gallon range, but have also included a few smaller options as well as some battery-operated machines. Here are the sprayers we picked as the top high quality options that won’t let you down:

Chapin 16100 1-Gallon Home and Garden Sprayer

$19.99 manufacturer suggested pricing

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3dEP98p

The simple garden sprayer option provides all the basic functionality one needs without a lot of cost, and by a dependable company that’s been in business since 1884 and making sprayers since 1903. With a 34-inch hose, adjustable cone nozzle for a variety of spray patterns, 12-inch wand with trigger, and one-gallon tank, this Chapin model is compatible with all common garden chemicals and general cleaners. Additionally, an internal filter helps keep out dirt and debris and the ergonomic pump handle aids for sustaining long uses. Sprayer operates between 40 and 60 PSI.

chapin 2 gallon garden sprayer pump

Chapin 16200 2-Gallon Home and Garden Sprayer

$22.99 Manufacturer suggested pricing.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/31s6GhL

Need something a little bigger? This two-gallon sprayer maintains all the functionality of the Chapin one-gallon, above, but with a larger tank for those bigger projects. The rest of the features remain the same. 

Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer

$49.00 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2ZiiQXO

For a more rugged, advanced option, check out this Smith Contractor. A two-gallon multi-purpose sprayer geared to handle a spectrum of commercial and gardening applications, it features a pressure-release valve to keep chemicals from getting on the user upon opening the tank, a top-tier commercial-grade shut-off with ergonomic grip, an in-line filter that’s easy to quickly clean, and five nozzles for targeted versatility, including two flat fans, a high-performance foaming nozzle, and adjustable poly adjustable brass adjustable nozzles (accepts Tee Jet nozzles as well). Also available in versions with a double-pack of two-gallon tanks or a three-gallon tank option.

Chapin 1002 48 Ounce Multi-Purpose Sprayer

Need something for smaller projects? For those seeking a more compact and discreet option, this Chapin model weighs less than a pound while still maintaining water pressure of between 40 and 60 PSI. Great for standard pesticides, fertilizers, and weed-killers, it comes with a two-liter tank, adjustable brass nozzles for refinement of spray dispersion patterns, an internal filter, and a lock-on spray option to reduce hand and finger fatigue.

$17.99 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2YIZUm0

Scotts 2-Gallon Multi-Use Home and Garden Sprayer

$19.97 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2YGRUSA

Scotts has been facilitating agriculture in the US since 1868, and this two-gallon model is the company’s versatile sprayer, whether for feeding and watering plants, weed control, cleaning, or sealing decks or concrete walkways. Boasting an advanced pump designed for 25% greater efficiency, it comes with an exclusive all-in-one nozzle offering three distinct spray pattern settings — stream, fan, and cone. Fully returnable within 180 days if you buy it directly from Scotts.  

HDX 1-Gallon Pump Home Garden Sprayer

$9.97 Home Depot Price.

Incredibly affordable, this no-frills pump by Home Depot’s own private label brand offers solid value at a very reasonable price. Designed specifically for lawn and garden use, pest control, and house cleaning, this sprayer offers a dual cone nozzle spray system, corrosion-resistant poly wand with comfort-grip pump handle, automatic pressure-relief valve, and a no-spill semi-translucent funnel top tank with an easily visible liquid level. Additionally, it has 32-inch braided hose and a poly flow control with lock-on feature for continuous spray over large areas. Fully returnable within 180 days.


Decks & More 190377 2-Gallon Universal Sprayer 


If you’re seeking a single nearly all-purpose sprayer for key home use needs, this two-gallon universal sprayer by Decks & More deserves your consideration. Engineered around a highly efficient pump system, the Decks & More can do the same job in 75% of the time of the leading competitor, with lockable shut-off and ergonomic grip to help mitigate hand fatigue and four nozzles offering broad versatility — a high-performance foaming nozzle, a poly adjustable nozzle, and two flat fans. While not appropriate for stain application,  it can be used to seal concrete, kill weeds, feed plants, control insects, detail your car, clean windows, control dust, bleach, degrease, clean shingles, and water plants. One-year limited warranty. 


Husqvarna 2-Gallon Plastic Tank Sprayer

$29.99 Manufacturer suggested pricing.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2CNqJgd

Husqvarna has been known as a maker of high-quality agricultural machines since 1689. Designed for commercial cleaning, sanitizing, applying harsh chemicals, and lawn care, this premium professional sprayer comes with a commercial-grade shut-off, comfort grip with locking feature, 21-inch poly wand, and easy-to-clean filter. Viton seals throughout the pump also maintain long-term resistance to strong chemicals and extending the life of the sprayer. 

Hudson Bugweiser Galvanized Steel Sprayer

$46.99 Manufacturer suggested pricing.

Seeking something a little sturdier than plastic? This no-nonsense steel monster by Hudson comes in both two and three-gallon versions. Engineered for serious use, the one comes with a 15-inch curved poly spray wand with them-operated control valve and locking feature, chemical-resistant braided power sprayer style hose, epoxy-coated tank with large pump, and a poly cone nozzle adjustable between fine mist and stream. Five-year limited warranty in the US. 


Hudson Ultimate All-In-One Sprayer

$21.99 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/31qpMF2

Available in one, two, or three-gallon options, this universal sprayer by Hudson is great for your garden as well as your deck. The six-footed tank has a medium funnel top and high-performance handle with glove-sized ergonomic grip for the poly brass spray wand. It also maintains a lock feature for continuous spraying, pressure-release safety valve, and professional-grade cone for garden use. Five-year limited warranty in the US.

Hudson Heavy Duty 1 Gallon Sprayer


Available with a four-gallon capacity, this Hudson Flo-Master has a translucent tank with a large funnel-top for convenient filling, heavy-duty control valve locks, pressure release valve, and both flat and cone nozzles. Also comes in one or two-gallon versions. One-year warranty included.


Flo-Master by Hudson Pumpless Battery Powered Garden Sprayer


$40 Manufacturer suggested pricing.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2YIkeUp

Battery powered so it does the work and you don’t have to, from well regarded Hudson. Holds 1.3 gallons of liquid and sprays approximately 18 gallons from a charge.

Ryobi One 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Garden Sprayer

$79.97 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2ZpkC9y

Tired of pumping by hand? This lightweight battery-powered chemical sprayer by Ryobi can maintain more than 30 gallons of use with a single charge. Comes with a 54-inch hose, variable spray nozzle, and cap that doubles as a mixing cup. One 18-volt lithium-ion battery and charger included. Available in a two-gallon versions for slightly more. Fully returnable within 180 days. Three-year limited warranty. 

Echo MS-21H Garden Sprayer

$49.99 Manufacturer suggested price.

Find it on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3ilpLIw


Here’s a lightweight handheld sprayer by Echo that’s easy to use. With a two-gallon tank marked in both gallons and liters and 28-inch poly wand with ergonomic grip and with fixed fan nozzle, fixed cone nozzle, and brass adjustable nozzle, it can reach up to 25 PSI. Additionally, Viton seals throughout allow it to pressurize with 45% fewer pumps. Comes with a 90-day warranty. 

Chris Honett is a freelance writer living in Gallipolis, Ohio.


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