Can Plants Talk  – What Do Plants Use To Communicate

Can Plants Talk – What Do Plants Use To Communicate

Very committed and slightly crazy gardeners like to humanize their plants. Could there be some grain of truth in our desire to think plants are like people? Can plants talk to each other? Do plants communicate with us? These questions and more have been studied, and the verdicts are in…. sort of. Can Plants Really Communicate? Plants have truly amazing adaptability and survival techniques. Many can survive long periods in near darkness, others can fend off competing plants with toxic hormones, and still others can even move themselves. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that plants can communicate. Just what do plants use to communicate? Many gardeners have been caught red faced as they sing or chatter to their houseplants. Such talk is said to be good for growth and overall health. What if we discovered that plants really do talk to each other though? Instead of

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