How to Identify and Treat Pecan Stem End Blight

How to Identify and Treat Pecan Stem End Blight

You think you’ve got it made with your pecan trees, Carya illinoensis, and have visions of pies (at the least) or even some sales at the farmers market when all of a sudden – the husks start turning black. Oh no!

There are several things that can cause this, and one of the most serious is stem end blight. This fungal disease is caused by Botryosphaeria ribis (sometimes called B. dothidea) and is spread by insects feeding on your trees.Unless you leap into action, this will not end well. And it still may not end well due to the severity of this disease.

As soon as you see the damage, you’ll need to spray your tree with a fungicide and then repeat the treatment 10 days later.
Read on to learn how to identify and treat this severe disease that affects pecan trees.

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