Haworthia Propagation Guide – How To Propagate Haworthia Plants

Haworthia are attractive succulents with pointed leaves that grow in a rosette pattern. With over 70 species, the fleshy leaves can vary from soft to firm and fuzzy to leathery. Many have white stripes banding the leaves while other species have variegated coloration. In general, haworthia remain small, making them the perfect size for container gardening. Due to their size, purchasing haworthia to fill a flowerbed or a large succulent planter can get expensive. Propagating haworthia is not difficult and can give gardeners the quantity of plants they need. There are several methods of propagating succulents, so let’s consider which…

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Open-Pollinated vs. Hybrid vs. Heirloom Seeds: What Do They Mean?

by Matt Gibson & Erin Marissa Russell Lots of people are concerned about finding out exactly where their food is coming from, and with good reason. Similarly, health-conscious gardeners want to know exactly where the seeds they purchase are from, and what type of seeds they should invest in to insure that they are getting organic, un-modified, chemical-free products. Open pollinated? Hybrid? Heirloom? How do you choose? Purchasing seeds can be an extra confusing process with terms like hybrid, GMO-free, heirloom organic, F1 hybrid, and more, featured on seed packages, especially if one doesn’t know what each of these terms…

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