How to Prevent and Deal With Ice Damage on Plants

It’s easy to forget about your outdoor plants during the winter when everything is cold and nothing is growing – that is until spring arrives and you can see the damage ice has done to your garden.It may seem inevitable, but ice damage is avoidable. The majority of it occurs when temperatures fluctuate and plants crack when ice thaws and re-freezes.If you live in an area where the temperature stays consistent – even if it’s freezing cold – ice on plants isn’t as much of a problem unless it builds up too much. If you’re hoping to avoid ice damage…

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Tomato Diseases: How To Fight Bacterial Speck

by Matt Gibson About Bacterial Speck Bacterial speck of tomato plant is not a very common tomato disease, but it does occasionally occur in modern home gardens in the right conditions. Bacterial speck is similar to bacterial spot and bacterial canker, but is easy to distinguish based on the symptoms. The culprit of the disease is the bacteria Pseudomonas syringae pv. The symptoms are small spots that appear on the leaves of the tomato plant, which are distinctly smaller than the spots that occur with bacterial spot and bacterial canker. The spots of bacterial speck are brown in the middle…

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Tomato Diseases: How To Fight Buckeye Rot

by Matt Gibson About Buckeye Rot Buckeye rot is a soil borne infectious plant disease that is caused by the fungus Phytophthora parasitica. There are three species of the fungus, P. capsici, P. drechsleri and P. nicotiana var. Parasitica. These species vary by growing locations. Buckeye rot is a common problem in the southeastern and south central United States. The infection affects tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, causing damage to the fruit, as well as the plant itself. After prolonged rains and warm, soggy conditions, buckeye rot is known to pop up and damage crops. Usually occurring where the fruit touches…

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