How to Attract Bats to Your Garden (and Why You Should)

Some people cringe at the thought of trying to attract bats, scarred by the thought of them swooping past their heads at night. Gardeners should look at these flying marvels through a different lens, though, because bats offer some incredible benefits in the garden.I didn’t believe that at first. There was no way that these creepy little creatures offered me any benefits, in my opinion. Their sole purpose in life is to scare the bejeebers out of us, right? Despite the creep factor, bats have some fantastic benefits in the garden – and they’re not so scary once you get…

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12 All-Natural Ways to Get Rid of Snails and Slugs in the Garden

Snails in the garden can cause big problems that you definitely want to avoid. Garden snails chew through leaves on plants, which reduces productivity. Snails and slugs can even consume an entire plant in one night. If you don’t want your garden plants to end up dead, but you don’t want to use tons of harsh chemicals, you need to learn a few all-natural methods for controlling snails in the garden.Garden snails aren’t as adorable as some coloring books or stories make them out. These little pests, along with their dangerous cousins the garden slug, can be the root of…

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